II Brilliant Minds Congress

Just one year after the birth of the Congress in Málaga, the Brilliant Minds arrives at Madrid. Again, there were three days that hosted the presentations and discussions of more than 21 opinion leaders.

Held at Madrids Sports Palace, the II Congress of Brilliant Minds was a great success, both in content, media coverage and attendees.

Dr. Manuel Campo Vidal

Dr. Manuel Campo Vidal: Presenter and moderator

Manuel Campo Vidal Journalist (UAB), Industrial Technical Engineer (UPC) and Doctor in Sociology (UCM). Has presented more than 2,000 news reports and programmes on Spanish Television and on Antena 3, as well as the programme Hora 25 on the radio station Cadena Ser. He chaired the first televised election debate in 1993 between Felipe Gonzalez and Jose Maria Aznar; in 2008, the debate between Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and Mariano Rajoy; and in 2011 the only televised debate between Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba and Mariano Rajoy. He is President of the Television Academy, Author of the books “¿Por qué los españoles comunicamos tan mal?” (Random House Mondadori), “¿Por qué los profesionales no comunicamos mejor?” (RBA) and “Adolfo Suárez. El presidente inesperado de la Transición” (RBA). He cooperates with RNE (Spanish National Radio) in the section "Comunica que algo queda" of the programme "No es un dia cualquiera).
Dr. Mario Alonso Puig

Dr. Mario Alonso Puig: Your personality is not all in the genes

Medical Doctor specialist in General and Digestive Surgery, Fellow of Harvard University Medical School and member of the New York Academy of Sciences and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Has worked as a surgeon for 26 years. Trained in the field of Human Intelligence at the Higher Faculty of Education of Harvard University, in Mind Body Medicine and in Positive Psychology at the Mind Body Institute of Harvard University, in Leadership at the Technological Institute of Massachusetts and the Law Faculty of Harvard University. Has trained as a teacher in the international field at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Dr. Luis Álvarez Gaumé

Dr. Luis Álvarez Gaumé: Theoretical physicist

Director of the group on Theoretical Physics at CERN in Geneva. Expert on the quantum field theory and on string theory. Currently she is working on the relation between cosmology and particle physics. Especially important are her contributions to the comprehension of gravity anomalies.
Dr. Juan Luis Arsuaga

Dr. Juan Luis Arsuaga: Palaeontology... imagine the past

Dirige los importantes yacimientos pleistocenos de Atapuerca (Burgos). Directs important pleistocene sites at Atapuerca (Burgos, Spain). Author of numerous articles in the most important international scientific journals, such as "Journal of Human Evolution", in which he is co-editor, and "American Journal of Physical Anthropology".
Alberto Calero

Alberto Calero: Networks

Director of CEO Office of France Telecom Spain. Expert in the application of the technology of new network science. President of A&JCalero Engineering and Partner of Maven7. Has been one of the protagonists in the last few years of the application of the new network science technology to various areas of the economy and business.
Piers Corbyn

Piers Corbyn: Astrophysicist and Meteorologist

Owner of the company Weather Action, which makes weather forecasts of up to a year ahead Sceptical about climate change, he believes that human action has not influenced global warming. The secret of his success is the Sun. He claims that the Sun is what controls the climate, and that the CO2 is irrelevant.
Dr. Aubrey de Grey

Dr. Aubrey de Grey: Age is no excuse for dying

Proposes a new and radical approach to spectacularly delay the ageing process. His foci on on how the ageing process can be detained are demonstrable but his biological, economic and cultural interpretation of these processes make him a somewhat controversial character.
Shirin Ebadi

Shirin Ebadi: Nobel Peace Prize

Was the first Iranian citizen and the first Muslim women to receive this prize. A lawyer and Human Rights and Democracy activist. She was forced to renounce her post as judge due to the new prohibition against women occupying this position. Ebadi represents Islam reform.
Dr. J.M. García Verdugo

Dr. Jose Manuel García Verdugo: Mother cells

One of the world experts in the knowledge of neural mother cells. His research team demonstrated the presence of this type of cell in the human adult brain. These findings open new perspectives towards understanding the possible origin of brain tumours.
Dr. Dean Hamer

Dr. Dean Hamer: Genetics in human behaviour

Director of the Biochemical Laboratory of the National Cancer Institute of the USA. Has studied the role of genetic inheritance on human behaviour, personality and behavioural features related to cancer, sexual orientation and temperamental characteristics of the search for sensations.
Bernardo Hernández

Bernardo Hernández: Emerging products

Bernardo Hernandez studied ICADE (Business Administration), undertook a Master in Finance at Boston College, hast the title of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and is currently one of the leaders of Spanish Business Angel. Bernardo is director of Zagat, company recently acquired by Google.
Dr. David Konzevik

Dr. David Konzevik: Economist and Doctor in Business Administration

Is considered a guru of leading companies in the world, author of the theory of the Revolution of Expectations, which explains what is happening in North Africa and the Middle East and in many emerging markets. Has never given an interview to any communication media, press or radio.
Dª. Beatriz Lara

Dª. Beatriz Lara: The centre of Innovation

Director of Transformacion Corporativa since October 2012, focused on defining new forms of work in the Group. She joined the BBVA in 2006 as Director of Strategy and Innovation in the area of Technology and Operations and has also been Director of Innovation at BBVA (Chief Innovation Officer) in the area of Innovation and Technology. Graduate in Physical Sciences at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 1986 and complemented her university studies with management programmes at IESE (University of Navarra), MIT Sloan and Harvard.
Dr. Serge Latouche

Dr. Serge Latouche: Programmed obsolescence

President of the Institute of Economics and Social Studies for Sustainable Degrowth. Director of the Research Group on anthropology, epistemology and the economics of poverty. Writer of the treaty of degrowth and the commitment to growth. ‘¿Cómo salir del imaginario dominante?’
Dr. Mario Molina

Dr. Mario Molina: Nobel Prize for Chemistry

Mexican chemical engineer, professor at University of California in San Diego (UCSD). Nobel prize for Chemistry for his role in the discovery of the threat of the ozone layer. Currently advisor to the North American president Barack Obama on environmental issues.
Dra. Dambisa Moyo

Dra. Dambisa Moyo: Dead Aid

Doctor of Economics from Oxford University and Master in International Development from Harvard University. Also a graduate in Chemistry from the University of Washington D.C. where she also earned an MBA. In 2009 "Time Magazine" named her "one of the 100 most influential people in the world".
Juan Pérez Mercader

Juan Pérez Mercader: History... Mission to Mars

Spanish scientist, advisor to NASA, expert in multi scale physics applied to astrophysics and cosmology. Vice president of the action COST D-27 of the European Union dedicated to "Prebiotic Chemistry and the Origin of Life".
Eduard Punset

Eduard Punset: Scientific writer

Spanish lawyer, economist and scientific writer author of various books on science and collaborator in various communication media. Since 1996 has directed the TV programme Redes (Networks) which deals with various scientific issues such as sociology, medicine, biology and astronomy, among others. Has been a speaker at previous editions (2010 and 2011) of the "Brilliant Minds Conference".
Dr. Jeremy Rifkin

Dr. Jeremy Rifkin: The third industrial revolution

Economist, sociologist, writer, public speaker and political advisor. Rifkin researches the impact of scientific and technological changes on the economy, the work force, society and the environment. Business consultant throughout the world and to heads of state, was advisor to the Administration of President Bill Clinton.
Dr. Andres Roemer

Dr. Andres Roemer: City of ideas

Mexican journalist, writer, television presenter, political scientists, news presenter, philanthropist and intellectual Grandson of Ernesto Roemer (orchestra director) he grew up in the City of Mexico and has become an opinion leader on political, social, economic and cultural issues. In 2009 was awarded the Emilio Carballido Award for Best National Author by the Association of Theatre Journalists for his work "El Otro Einstein" (The Other Einstein).
Dª. Nieves Segovia

Dª. Nieves Segovia: A new education

Advocate of a profound transformation in the educational model, Nieves Segovia is committed to education as the only real way out of the crisis and upholds creating an economy of talent which allows us to have productive development opportunities. Since 2010 she has presided the initiative "Global Education Forum" for innovation and improvement in the education system, which brings together every year in Madrid the best international experts on education. President of the Educational Institution SEK, Vice chancellor of the Universidad Camilo Jose Cela and General Secretary of its Board of Trustees, Nieves Segovia is also member of the Regional Advisory Council for Africa, Europe and the Middle East for the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IB), member of the Board of Trustees of the European Foundation Society and Education, member of the Board of Trustees of the Eduard Punset Foundation, and member of the Principal's Centre of the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
Frank Warren

Frank Warren: Post Secret

Fourth most influential person on Internet according to the Forbes magazine (2009). In September 2011 his website "Post Secret" received visitor number 450,000,000 and was called "Weblog of the Year" in the Seventh Annual Edition of the Weblog Awards. Post Secret stemmed from a project based on a simple concept: asking people to send an anonymous secret on a decorated postcard.
Mark Woerde

Mark Woerde: Prosocial marketing

Director of strategy and co-founder of the award-winning Dutch advertising agency Lemz and writer of the book "How advertising will heal the world and your business". Has worked as consultant for numerous important organisations such as IDEA, Medicos sin Fronteras, Unilever, and Sara Lee.
Wang Xiaoping

Wang Xiaoping: Chinese Communist Party thinker

Proposes new frontiers of long-term human evolution based on the teachings of Taoism and on the unstoppable pace of knowledge advancement and presents her view on the immortal destiny of mankind. Her work analyses the future of mankind through the latest scientific advances.
Randi Zuckerberg

Randi Zuckerberg: Social Networks: Facebook

Pioneer in various large media associations and, recently, presented Peace. Facebook, a place where people divided by conflict can communicate with one another. "It's about promoting peace with technology". Graduate from Harvard University.
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