PAST EVENT | NOVEMBER 7th, 8th & 9th 2013, MADRID

IV Congress of Brilliant Minds

November 7th, 8th and 9th 2013, we gathered at Teatro Circo Price in Madrid to share with the audience the the thoughts of 21 brilliant minds that gave us different approaches on education, creativity, philosophy, science, technology... you will never be the same.

An event that stands out for the high quality of its speeches, during wich each speaker has just 21 minutes to enlight the audience.

Dr. José Antonio Marina

Dr. José Antonio Marina: Neuroscience, the new frontier of education

Spanish exponent on phenomenology. His fascination for the creative capacity of human intelligence led him to the exciting study of its mechanisms. He focuses his study on the mechanisms of artistic creativity, especially in the area of language.
Dr. Manuel Campo Vidal

Dr. Manuel Campo Vidal: Presenter and moderator

Manuel Campo Vidal Journalist (UAB), Industrial Technical Engineer (UPC) and Doctor in Sociology (UCM). Has presented more than 2,000 news reports and programmes on Spanish Television and on Antena 3, as well as the programme Hora 25 on the radio station Cadena Ser. He chaired the first televised election debate in 1993 between Felipe Gonzalez and Jose Maria Aznar; in 2008, the debate between Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and Mariano Rajoy; and in 2011 the only televised debate between Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba and Mariano Rajoy. He is President of the Television Academy, Author of the books “¿Por qué los españoles comunicamos tan mal?” (Random House Mondadori), “¿Por qué los profesionales no comunicamos mejor?” (RBA) and “Adolfo Suárez. El presidente inesperado de la Transición” (RBA). He cooperates with RNE (Spanish National Radio) in the section "Comunica que algo queda" of the programme "No es un dia cualquiera).
Borja Prieto

Borja Prieto: co-moderador del debate del viernes 8 de noviembre, "Ideas para cambiar el mundo"

Borja Prieto dirige para España y Latinoamérica MyMajorCompany, una plataforma de "crowdfunding" recientemente lanzada por PRISA Radio en España con la que ya se han financiado películas, discos, libros... Abrió la oficina de Myspace en España y ayudó a catapultar a miles de artistas nuevos que ahora son estrellas y organizó shows de Lady Gaga o Katy Perry cuando nadie las conocía. Después pasó a coordinar y dirigir los contenidos de la parte online de Fox International Channels y dos años más tarde lanzó la plataforma para artistas Herzio.com donde se llegaron a concentrar más de 30.000 artistas de todo el mundo y la aplicación web de merchandising personalizado Qstoms.com. Antes había trabajado de contertulio televisivo en CUATRO y fue un activista en multinacionales de la música como Universal, Virgin o EMI donde trabajó mano a mano con artistas como Amaral, Lori Meyers, Nena Daconte o Manu Chao e hizo el marketing de estrellas internacionales como Marilyn Manson, Black Eyed Peas, Eminem o Gwen Stefani.
Michael Robinson

Michael John Robinson: Co-moderador del debate del sábado 9 de noviembre, "Más allá del los límites de la creatividad"

Michael Robinson se incorporó a CANAL+ en 1991 como comentarista de la Liga de fútbol de Primera División y de la Liga de Campeones. Junto a Carlos Martínez ha creado una forma diferente de contar el fútbol que marca la diferencia de la cadena. Durante muchos años, Robinson fue el conductor del exitoso programa El Día Después de CANAL+. Desde octubre de 2007, Michael dirige y presenta INFORME ROBINSON, espacio mensual de CANAL+ que muestra el lado más humano del deporte, y que cuenta con numerosos reconocimientos como el Premio Ondas 2009. Desde esta temporada Michael dirige en la Cadena SER el espacio semanal Acento ROBINSON. Michael Robinson (Leicester, 1958) comenzó su carrera como futbolista fichado por el mítico Bobby Charlton para el Preston. En 1979 fue traspasado por 756.000 libras esterlinas al Manchester United, cifra que supuso en aquel momento el fichaje más caro del fútbol británico. Después de un breve paso por el Brighton, jugó en varios equipos hasta fichar por el Club Atlético Osasuna, donde tuvo que retirarse por una grave lesión en su rodilla.
Dr. Mario Alonso Puig

Dr. Mario Alonso Puig: The natural kindness of the human being

Medical Doctor specialist in General and Digestive Surgery, Fellow of Harvard University Medical School and member of the New York Academy of Sciences and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Has worked as a surgeon for 26 years. Trained in the field of Human Intelligence at the Higher Faculty of Education of Harvard University, in Mind Body Medicine and in Positive Psychology at the Mind Body Institute of Harvard University, in Leadership at the Technological Institute of Massachusetts and the Law Faculty of Harvard University. Has trained as a teacher in the international field at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Javier Cacho

Javier Cacho Gómez: Footprints in the snow

Scientist, writer and broadcaster. His scientific work was developed first in the National Commission for Space Research, and later at the National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA). For several years he collaborated with the Commission of Science and Technology. His association with Antarctica began with his participation in the first Spanish scientific expedition to Antarctica in 1986. He has been in Antarctica on 6 occasions, the first three for research related to the ozone hole and the last three as chief of the Spanish Antarctic Base Juan Carlos I. He has also participated in several research cruises in the Arctic. For several years he was Secretary of the National Committee on Antarctic Research. He developed an intense outreach over Antarctica and ecology for different groups. He has written several books, some translated into other languages. The last one, " Amundsen -Scott . Duel in Antarctica ", published two years ago, has edited four editions and has been edited in Bulgaria. He has just published "Shackleton, the indomitable. The explorer who never reached the South Pole" which details the life of this legendary explorer. He is currently responsible for promotional activities of scientific and technological culture at INTA.
Dr. George Church

Dr. George Church: Engineering Human Genomes

American geneticist, molecular engineer and chemist, he is professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, pioneer in personal genomics and synthetic biology. The technology he has helped to develop allows us to read and write DNA a million times faster that seven years ago and to engineer human cells and organ components for diagnostics and therapies.
Parag Gupta

Parag Gupta: One person's trash is another's treasure

Founder of Waste Ventures, Parag holds an MA from the Harvard Kennedy School and a BA from the University of Chicago. Parag has been active with social ventures for the past 12 years as an entrepreneur and advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs, public officials, and nonprofits. In 2004, he founded IDEAS, which applied venture philanthropy principles with advocacy outcomes in developing countries. In 2009, Parag created Waste Ventures Charities and Waste Capital Partners to incubate cooperatives for waste pickers, providing them with access to finance so they can scale and generate a margin at a commercial rate of return. He is a featured blogger on the premier social entrepreneur site, Social Edge with his blog, ‘Talking Trash’.
Robert Gupta

Robert Gupta: Music is Medicine

Robert Gupta is a violinist whose interest in neurobiology and mental health issues has made him a world renowned advocate for the redemptive and regenerative power of music. A TED Senior Fellow, Gupta directs the organization Street Symphony—a free classical music concert series for the unaided mentally-ill living in homeless, incarcerated, and Veteran communities. Robert Gupta has performed internationally as a soloist and chamber musician since the age of eight; after joining the LA Philharmonic, he became the friend and violin instructor of Nathaniel Anthony Ayers—the homeless, mentally ill musician who was the subject of LA Times Columnist Steve Lopez's book The Soloist, and the movie by the same title (starring Jaimie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr.). In his talks, Gupta explores music's ability to change our brains, heal ailments, and ultimately, transform lives. Gupta holds a master's in music from Yale and made his solo debut, at age 11, with the Israel Philharmonic. As an undergrad, where he studied Pre-med, Gupta was part of several research projects in neuro-and neurodegenerative biology. He held Research Assistant positions at CUNY Hunter College in New York City, where he worked on spinal cord neuronal regeneration, and at the Harvard Institutes of Medicine Center for Neurologic Diseases, where he studied the biochemical pathology of Parkinson's disease.
Evan Henshaw

Evan Henshaw-Plath: The secret story behind Twitter

Evan Henshaw-Plath (@ rabble) never thought that one of the developments of which was part would become a giant with over 140 million users. Nor that the shares he sold for $ 7,000 U.S. would end up being worth millions. We're talking about Twitter, and Henshaw was part of its creation. Declared an activist and hacker he currently is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in New Context, a company dedicated to the integration of technologies to generate innovative contexts. But Evan's first steps go back to the 90s, when created with Kellan Elliot-McCrea the startup Metaevents.com, sold in January 2000 to Anyda.com and participated in the creation of Indymedia, a global network of independent communication centers. Evan was the lead developer of Odeo, a company specialized in podcasts that developed the germ of what later would became Twitter. Afterwards, he was architect of the Yahoo Brickhouse incubator of ideas, which developed the location platform Fire Eagle.
Pablo Iraburu

Pablo Iraburu: Walls

Co-director and executive producer. Iraburu is the founder and CEO of Arena Audiovisual Communication. He has dedicated over 20 years to the production of documentaries , which have led him to shoot in places like Guatemala , Nicaragua , Ecuador , Peru , Brazil , USA , Paraguay , Morocco , Chad , Madagascar , Malawi , Ivory Coast , India, Thailand , China and throughout the European Community, from Scotland to Romania. His first film as producer , co-director and co-writer was Nomadak TX , shot in Lapland , India , Mongolia and northern Africa . Awarded in San Sebastian , the film had a long international tour . His second film, Pura Vida / The Ridge , shot in ten different countries , was also released and awarded in San Sebastian and is currently in full distribution. Apart from his role as documentarist , Iraburu produces audiovisual contents for various museums, including the National Archaeological Museum , for companies such as Inditex , Endesa and has worked for NGOs and non-profit organizations such as Action Aid, Manos Unidas , Medicus Mundi, United Nations or Spanish Agency for International Cooperation. He teaches Documentary at the University of Navarra. His if the Executive Producer of WALLS along with Harkaitz Martinez de San Vicente and Codirector with Migueltxo Molina. He will address also the script and be director of photography for the second unit.
Javier Mariscal

Javier Mariscal: Applied creativity

Spanish designer, illustrator and painter known worldwide. He became popular in 1989 when his character, Cobi was chosen as mascot for the Olympic Games in Barcelona 92. He works different artistic fields such as illustration, graphics, textile prints, ceramics, furniture and object design, audiovisual, interior painting and sculpture, with an origin inspired by comics and pop culture but applied from the design of the 20th and 21st century. In 1990 he founded Estudio Mariscal, in an restored old factory that has gradually entrenched as a main point of design and art, where most of the work of this artist arises.
Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry: Untold, the story behind the photograph

American Photojournalist, famously known Worldwide for being the author of the powerful image of ‘The Afghan girl’, published in National Geographic magazine in 1985. McCurry has been a one of the most iconic voices in contemporary photography for more than 30 years, with scores of magazine and book covers, over a dozen books, and countless exhibitions around the world to his name. McCurry has been recognized with some of the most prestigious awards in the industry, including the Robert Capa Gold Medal, National Press Photographers Award, and an unprecedented four first prize awards from the World Press Photo contest, to name a few.
Dr. Andy Miah

Dr. Andy Miah: Biomedical Development for Human Enhancement

Professor Andy Miah, PhD (@andymiah), is Director of the Creative Futures Institute & Chair of Ethics and Emerging Technologies in the Faculty of Business & Creative Industries at the University of the West of Scotland. Professor Miah’s research discusses the intersections of art, ethics, technology and culture and he has published broadly in areas of emerging technologies, particularly related to human enhancement. He is author of ‘Genetically Modified Athletes’ and co-author with Dr Emma Rich of ‘The Medicalization of Cyberspace’ , Editor of ‘Human Futures: Art in an Age of Uncertainty’ and co-author with Dr Beatriz Garcia of ‘The Olympics’. Professor Miah has published over 150 academic articles in refereed journals, books, magazines, and national media press on the subjects of cyberculture, medicine, technology, and sport.
Dr. Manuel Patarroyo

Dr. Manuel E. Patarroyo: The greatest thing is to save a life

Since he was young Patarroyo felt admiration for Luis Pasteur, immunology and virology, so that his career was always oriented to research in various national and foreign centers, particularly American and Swedish. Between 1986 and 1988 he created the vaccine against malaria. At the National University of Colombia he founded the Institute of Immunology at the Hospital San Juan de Dios, which has advanced research on lupus, genetic markers, leukemia, genetic susceptibility to rheumatic fever, tuberculosis and leprosy.
Teresa Perales

Teresa Perales: Mi vida sobre ruedas

Teresa is the Spanish Paralympic athlete with the most medals in history, with a total of 55 (the last six achieved at the London Games). To this we must add the numerous awards she has received, also, in the form of medals, including Gold Medal of the Royal Order of Sporting Merit and most recently the Grand Cross. A smiling woman with sweeping and contagious vitality. Specialist in personal growth and development, she has shown that love is power and that success is a matter of attitude. Besidesher sporting success she has a degree in Physiotherapy, and wrote the autobiographical book "My Life on Wheels"
David J. Peterson

David J. Peterson: Movies with no subtitles

David J. Peterson studied at UC Berkeley from 1999-2003, and holds a BA in English and Linguistics. He then attended the University of California in San Diego from 2003-2006, where he earned a Masters in Linguistics. He is known for creating languages ​​since 2000 and works on Game of Thrones since 2009 and Syfy Defiance since 2011. In 2007 he was co-founder of the Society of the creation of the language of which he is president and with nine other language creators.
Patricia Ramírez

Patricia Ramírez: Footballers or Princesses?

Sports psychologist and public speaker. She has ample experience in various First and Second Division football teams such as Mallorca and Real Betis Balompie, in which she participated in their promotion and continuity. An achievement based on perseverance, bravery, effort and teamwork. She also works with national and international athletes in high performance sport, both individual and collective (cycling, swimming, archery, motorcycling, athletics, football, golf, horse riding, paddle tennis and basketball). Given her love of teaching, she gives talks and courses on her speciality to experts, coaches and psychologists as well as company directors. She cooperates in a TV programme "Para todos la 2" about what she loves: health psychology.
Carlos Rebate

Carlos Rebate: How to transform an ordinary day in an extraordinary event

Carlos Rebate is Indra's BPO strategy manager.During the past two years he has directed the Global Centre for Transport and Traffic Development at Indra, and for over a decade he leads a group of R&D that has been awarded twelve times for its social impact and alignment of technology strategy and corporate responsibility. He is a Computer Engineer, Graduated in Advanced Studies in Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence , Business Development Program by IESE Business School and a Masters in Sustainable Development of Environment-by the BCSD Foundation. He is the author of books such as 'The magical wheels of creativity', that challenges us to transform our imagination through a systematic method inspired in renaissance magic and 'Unafraid of thenight' that invited us to turn a normal day into an extraordinary event.
José A. Rodríguez

José A. Rodríguez Salas: father of 'Active Teledemocracy'

Alcalde del Ayuntamiento de Jun, Ex Diputado Provincial de Granada, vocal de nuevas tecnologías y sociedad de la información de la F.E.M.P. (Federación Española de Municipios y Provincias), Coordinador de la Red Telemática Provincial de la Diputación de Granada-Red de Municipios y Vicepresidente de Cooperación Internacional de la Unión Iberoamericana de Municipalistas está considerado el padre de la Teledemocracia Activa por el Ex Presidente de la Comisión Europea, Romano Prodi. En la actualidad es considerado el primer alcalde portable de España, por su forma de interactuar desde dispositivos móviles en la M-Administración y ha obtenido el Premio al Mejor Blog de España 2008 en TVE y otros premios y galardones como el 'Premio Cibersur 2001', el 'Computerworld 2002', el 'Globus 2003', el 'Premio Comunicar 2004' que compartió con el juez de Menores Emilio Calatayud, el 'Premio Agesport 2005', “Premio Andalucía 2010”, "Premio Smart Cities 2012" y "Premio Progreso 2012" y lidera el ranking de los Alcaldes españoles conectados a las redes sociales con mas de 214.000 seguidores y es el segundo político de España en Twitter.
Jorge Ruiz

Jorge Ruiz: What if I had been taught to listen?

Born in Murcia in 1975, Jorge Ruiz is above all passionate about communication. For years he has combined his musical career as the leader of Maldita Nerea with his careers as a Language Therapist. He frequently participates in lectures, conferences, roundtables and educational forums related to optimism, talent and communication. As a talent ambassador of Fundación Promete, he also believes that an educational change is necessary, possible and everyone's job. He will tell how he has managed his personal and profesional career in order to pursue his two passions: music and speech therapy. Discover how he has exceeded every one of the obstacles that stood in his way always smiling, he will bring the audience closer to a reality that is much closer to him than you might think, helping you become aware that you can achieve everything that you want.
Yoani Sánchez

Yoani Sánchez: Internet will make us free

Cuban philologist and journalist she has achieved global notoriety for her blog Generation Y, which makes a critical account of the reality of her country. Generation Y, which was temporarily blocked in Cuba, is the blog with most followers: translated into seventeen languages ​​by a team of volunteers they have reached more than fourteen million hits per month and it inspires thousands of comments.
Fernando Savater

Fernando Savater: Ethics for teaching

Writer and professor of philosophy. Has published more than fifty works of political, literary and philosophical essays, narratives and plays, as well as hundreds of newspaper articles in Spanish and foreign press. Some of his books have been translated to more than twenty languages. Outstanding among his works are: "The Task of the Hero", (National Essay Prize, 1982) and the novels "The Garden of Doubts" (finalist in the Planeta Award, 1993) and "The Brotherhood of Good Luck" (Planeta Award, 2008). Among his most recent publications are the novel "The Great Labyrinth" and the essay "Eternal Life", a philosophical reflection on religion at the present time. His works "Ethics for Amador", "Politics for Amador" and "The Questions of Life" in which he attempts to bring philosophy closer to young people, have become authentic best sellers.
Toni Segarra

Toni Segarra: Curiosity is the mother of all virtues

Spanish Advertiser, Toni Segarra is known for his work as creative director for agencies like Vizeversa, Counterpoint, Casadevall or Delvico Bates, managing over his career numerous awards, honors and recognitions. Currently, Segarra runs his own company, * S, C, P, F with great success at festivals such as Cannes or New York, among others. Segarra is considered one of the world's best advertising creatives.
Javier Sirvent

Javier Sirvent: The present was Science Fiction

Technical and Research Technologist in new services and applications with over 15 years experience in the area of ​​Wireless Devices. Author of industrial patents, founder of companies and departments in constant contact with innovation, marketing, customers and investors. Currently investigating with different EEG systems to objectively quantify the Customer experiencie, share real emotions in social networks, create new biometric security products, and introduce new devices that translate the educational model. The goal is to reach new generations through technology educating them to the unknown, to teach and train them to think. Scientists and researchers have been working together for years in the film industry, designing impossible objects that made us dream of the possibility of going to school on McFly's flying scooter in Back to the Future. The visual factory helped many entrepreneurs to spark their creativity to technologically revolutionize our lives. Many of these items are already with us and each time take less time to enter the market. What we saw are no longer cinematic tricks they are now new business opportunities.
Fernando Trías de Bes

Fernando Trías de Bes: The fall of the creativity wall

Fernando Trias de Bes is a Spanish writer and economist, specialising in marketing techniques, creativity and innovation. His essays and novels have been translated into more than thirty languages and he is a usual collaborator with El Pais Semanal as well as the weekly supplement "Dinero" of La Vanguardia and Carlos Alsina's radio programme La Brujula, on Onda Cero. Graduate of Business Administration and holds an MBA from ESADE and the University of Michigan. He has been associate professor of ESADE since 1994 and founding member of Salvetti&Llombart, a company specialising in market research, created in 1996. He writes essays on business and economics as well as fiction novels. Among his essays are: “Marketing Lateral” (2003), “Innovar para ganar” (2011), both published jointly with the specialist in marketing techniques Philip Kotler (2003), “La buena suerte” co-authored with Álex Rovira (2004) having sold over three million copies, “El vendedor de tiempo” (2005), which was brought to the stage, “El libro negro del emprendedor” (2007), which studies the principle factors for business failures and which is, for many, a reference book for all entrepreneurs, and “El hombre que cambió su casa por un tulipán”, which won the Temas de Hoy Award 2009. In fiction he has published “Relatos absurdos” and the novels “Palabras bajo el mar”, “El coleccionista de sonidos”, “La historia que me escribe”, “Mil millones de mejillones”, a fable about the present day with drawings by Toni Batllori and the short novel “Tinta” (Seix-Barral).
Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak: iFUTURE

In 1971, Steve Wozniak told Jobs about his intention to invent a computer for personal use. At that time, Wozniak also known as "(The) Woz" and "Wizard of Woz", worked at Hewlett Packard where he had a contractual obligation to present his ideas to the company, but they asked him "Why would people want a computer?", rejecting his idea. Wozniak founded Apple Computer with Steve Jobs in 1976 and created computers Apple I and Apple II in the mid-seventies. Steve Jobs and Wozniak are considered the fathers of the PC era. The Apple II became the best selling computer of the seventies and early eighties, and is often recognized as the first popular personal computer ... and it all started in a garage and by hand. His inventions and machines are recognized as major contributions to the revolution personal computer in the seventies.
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