ESCexpress Málaga: Emprende, Crea e Innova

El pasado 16 de diciembre (2014) disfrutamo, en "La Térmica", de la opinión y experiencias de emprendedores, investigadores y algun destacado ponente de la última edición del Congreso de Mentes Brillantes (2014).

Ponentes que dispusieron de 15 minutos cada uno para presentar sus experiencias. Tras las ponencias se organizó un debate en el que se contestarán preguntas de algunos de los asistentes.

Margarita Álvarez

Margarita Álvarez: Organizarse para ser feliz

Margarita Alvarez is the Director of Marketing and Communication at Adecco. Studied law. During the time at University, had the opportunity to work in several companies each year (Insurance, Studio Photography, Tax, Naval Engineering and Electronics). Did an MBA at the Business School and since, continued to work as a tutor and teacher. At the end of the master began working at Coca-Cola where she spent 15 years, the last, as Assistant to the President and as Experiential Marketing Manager, as well as President of Coca-Cola Institute of Happiness. For two years her career is linked to the Adecco Group.
Jesús Vega de la Falla

Jesús Vega de la Falla: El éxito en el siglo XXI: diversión, descanso, imaginación

Jesus Vega was one of the main executives of the fashion distribution group Inditex, the largest textile distribution group in the world, responsible for ten fashion chains (Zara, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, etc.). In the group Zara-Inditex he carried out the functions of Human Resources and International Expansion. He is the author of "La Empresa Esnsual" (The Sensual Company) currently published in more than 20 countries and translated into 9 languages.
Clemente Cebrián

Clemente Cebrián: El secreto de la expansión internacional

He is one of the leading entrepreneurs of our country, co-founder with his brother Alvaro of the clothing and footwear brand ’El Ganso’. During 2013, El Ganso billed 38 million and right now they are expanding internationally. They are present in Germany, Holland, Italy, France, UK, Portugal, Chile and Mexico. The idea came from one of his summer trips to London to study English, which he combined with his studies of Business Administration throughout the year. It was then when the idea of creating a brand that offered different clothing came upon. For him, "the story of an entrepreneur is one of effort, but also sleepless nights and asking yourself how you will be able to do it."
Andrés Contreras

Andrés Contreras: Nacer emprendedor

Entrepreneur since he was 12 years old, Andrés (Ciudad Real 1995) is the Co-founder and CTO of SocialTech LLC, the leading "social media" and "market research" management dashboard for small- and mid- sized businesses, is a web-based platform that allows businesses to manage & monitor their social media presence, find targeted leads & build engagement with new and existing customers. Mentor at Founder Institute Madrid and occasional Speaker. He is currently doing his PhD in Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University.
Daniel González

Daniel González de Vega: Smartick, matemáticas para niños

Socio fundador de Smartick, un método online de aprendizaje de matemáticas para niños de 4 a 14 años que incrementa la agilidad mental, desarrolla al máximo las competencias del alumno y favorece su concentración. Basado en sesiones cortas (15 minutos), contenido individualizado y personalizado y feedback inmediato al alumno. Ha sido seleccionado por la Comisión Europea entre los proyectos más innovadores de Europa, destacando entre 2.600 propuestas presentadas dentro del Programa Hozizonte2020 destinado a impulsar las iniciativas más innovadoras entre los 25 países de la Unión Europea para crear excelencia y mejorar la competividad europea.
Dª. Beatriz Lara

Dª. Beatriz Lara: 2020 vision: Prospects for a Better World

Director of Transformacion Corporativa since October 2012, focused on defining new forms of work in the Group. She joined the BBVA in 2006 as Director of Strategy and Innovation in the area of Technology and Operations and has also been Director of Innovation at BBVA (Chief Innovation Officer) in the area of Innovation and Technology. Graduate in Physical Sciences at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 1986 and complemented her university studies with management programmes at IESE (University of Navarra), MIT Sloan and Harvard.
Francisco Polo

Francisco Polo: Change.org, peticiones del mundo

Es director de Change.org en España, la mayor plataforma de peticiones del mundo. Con más de 75 millones de usuarios, Change.org empodera a todas las personas para generar los cambios que quieren ver y permite que los políticos, las instituciones y las empresas puedan dialogar con la gente. España, con más de 6 millones de usuarios, es el país con una mayor proporción de usuarios de Change.org en todo el mundo. Francisco fundó Actuable.es, la plataforma de peticiones española que fue lanzada en septiembre de 2010 y que fue la start-up tecnológica con un mayor crecimiento, hasta el momento, en la historia de España. Llegó a superar los 2,5 millones de usuarios en un año y medio. Actuable se unió a Change.org en mayo de 2012. Con 20 años, coordinó el grupo de Amnistía Internacional en su universidad y creó la campaña: “Di no a las bombas de racimo”. Para El País, Francisco Polo fue una de las 100 personas más relevantes en 2011.
Javier Sirvent

Javier Sirvent: Recuerdos del futuro

Technical and Research Technologist in new services and applications with over 15 years experience in the area of ​​Wireless Devices. Author of industrial patents, founder of companies and departments in constant contact with innovation, marketing, customers and investors. Currently investigating with different EEG systems to objectively quantify the Customer experiencie, share real emotions in social networks, create new biometric security products, and introduce new devices that translate the educational model. The goal is to reach new generations through technology educating them to the unknown, to teach and train them to think. Scientists and researchers have been working together for years in the film industry, designing impossible objects that made us dream of the possibility of going to school on McFly's flying scooter in Back to the Future. The visual factory helped many entrepreneurs to spark their creativity to technologically revolutionize our lives. Many of these items are already with us and each time take less time to enter the market. What we saw are no longer cinematic tricks they are now new business opportunities.
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