ESCexpress Pamplona: Inventing and Reinventing

During the afternoon of the past October 24th we enjoyed in Pamplona 7 experts that shared their experiences and knowledge to guided us on our strategies for the future.

Built in 1841, the Gayarre Theatre is the performing arts center of Pamplona. From the moment that the demolition of the city walls gave way to the widening of Pamplona, theater life was endangered until its demolition proceeded in 1931 and its transfer to the place where lays today, Avenida Carlos III Pamplona.

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Dr. Manuel Campo Vidal

Dr. Manuel Campo Vidal: Presenter and moderator

Manuel Campo Vidal Journalist (UAB), Industrial Technical Engineer (UPC) and Doctor in Sociology (UCM). Has presented more than 2,000 news reports and programmes on Spanish Television and on Antena 3, as well as the programme Hora 25 on the radio station Cadena Ser. He chaired the first televised election debate in 1993 between Felipe Gonzalez and Jose Maria Aznar; in 2008, the debate between Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and Mariano Rajoy; and in 2011 the only televised debate between Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba and Mariano Rajoy. He is President of the Television Academy, Author of the books “¿Por qué los españoles comunicamos tan mal?” (Random House Mondadori), “¿Por qué los profesionales no comunicamos mejor?” (RBA) and “Adolfo Suárez. El presidente inesperado de la Transición” (RBA). He cooperates with RNE (Spanish National Radio) in the section "Comunica que algo queda" of the programme "No es un dia cualquiera).
Dr. Mario Alonso Puig

Dr. Mario Alonso Puig: Generating optimism, the magic wand

Medical Doctor specialist in General and Digestive Surgery, Fellow of Harvard University Medical School and member of the New York Academy of Sciences and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Has worked as a surgeon for 26 years. Trained in the field of Human Intelligence at the Higher Faculty of Education of Harvard University, in Mind Body Medicine and in Positive Psychology at the Mind Body Institute of Harvard University, in Leadership at the Technological Institute of Massachusetts and the Law Faculty of Harvard University. Has trained as a teacher in the international field at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Josep Amorós

Josep Amorós: Wayra Madrid

Josep Amoros is the Director of the Academy Wayra Madrid. He founded SOMA Barcelona (linked to the world of mobile applications) with which he obtained certain notoriety nationally and internationally. Previously, Josep worked as deputy director of Okuri Ventures, as business developer in Sclipo (startup linked to the eLearning sector) and as global market risk analyst for Caiza Penedes. Co-founder of Tetuan Valley (Barcelona), of the entrepreneurs club of EOI (Business School) and ambassador in Spain of Sandbox Network. Josep is a telecommunications engineer specialising in computer networks and telecommunications systems from the University Ramon Llull of Barcelona, obtaining Honours in both fields. You can follow him on his blog, Twitter or LinkedIn.
Catalina Hoffmann

Catalina Hoffmann: Principles and ethics

Imbued since very small with a great business acumen, she is President and CEO of Vitalia network of Day Centres. Passionate about the world of the elderly she has become the benchmark in the sector for senior citizens. In 2010, the Harvard University acknowledged Vitalia as Case Study Method for this international study. In 2011 the journal Expansion granted her the award "Entrepreneur of the year". President of the Foundation that bears her name, dedicated to helping elderly people with few resources. Surrounded by a magnificent team of professionals she has had the know-how to strengthen her network of centres thanks to her own method of therapeutic treatment: the Hoffmann Method. She is known as "the woman who refused €5 million".
Carl Honoré

Carl Honoré: Initiator of the "Slow Movement"

Canadian journalist initiator of the "Slow Movement". As a result of a life filled with trips and a constant battle for time due to the lack of it, Honore realised that that he skipped pages when reading stories to his son. Consequently, he wrote his first book "In Praise of Slowness" in which he invites us to seek out our interior turtle and explains the benefits of slowing down. His second book "Under Pressure" explore the good, the bad and the ugly of modern childrearing. Honoré presents a cultural revolution against the notion that the fastest es always better.
Ignacio Pérez Dolset

Ignacio Pérez Dolset: 20 years inventing

At school they called him "gadgetman" and he went on, together with his brother, to become a leading entrepreneur in Spain in digital entertainment. Co-president of the Grupo Zed and Executive President of Ilion Animation Studios, Pyro Studios and U-tad. His passion is in the genes. The Perez Dolset family have one of the greatest collections in Spain that would be the pride of any museum: approximately 10,000 video games. He launched the video game "Commandos" in 1998, reaching no. 1 in 17 countries and sales of 1.5 million copies, making him the most international Spanish video game developer. He also created the animated super-production "Planet 51", a Spanish blockbuster in 2009, winner of a Goya for the best animated film and which was pre-selected for the Oscars.
Jordi Robert-Ribes

Jordi Robert-Ribes: Reinventing contacts

Jordi Robert-Ribes, international conference speaker and author of the book "Connecting Forward", he is an expert in networking techniques, something he acquired in his multiple changes of company, sector and country. His professional career covers such diverse sectors as scientific research, telecommunications operator, risk capital, government administration and consultation services. Jordi is Director of Investments in a family business and author of the blog Networking & Business. In the past, he was advisor to the Prime Minister of Andorra for Business Innovation, he was responsible for raising capital for Australian companies and was R&D Manager of Singapore Telecom Optus in Australia. He holds a Ph.D. in telecommunications, a postgraduate degree in Financial Management and is technical engineer in telecommunications. He has participated in executive education programmes in Harvard Business School and the Australian Venture-Capital Association.
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