ESCexpress Sevilla: Embark, Create and Innovate

During the october 9th afternoon (5 to 8 pm), at the "Confederación de Empresarios Andaluces Auditorium", we will share the opinion and experiences of entrepreneurs, researchers and some prominent speakers from the last edition of Brilliant Minds (2013), held in Madrid.

Speakers will have 15 minutes each to present their experiences. A debate will follow the presentations, starting from some of the questions from the audience.

Margarita Álvarez

Margarita Álvarez: Organizing to be happy

Margarita Alvarez is the Director of Marketing and Communication at Adecco. Studied law. During the time at University, had the opportunity to work in several companies each year (Insurance, Studio Photography, Tax, Naval Engineering and Electronics). Did an MBA at the Business School and since, continued to work as a tutor and teacher. At the end of the master began working at Coca-Cola where she spent 15 years, the last, as Assistant to the President and as Experiential Marketing Manager, as well as President of Coca-Cola Institute of Happiness. For two years her career is linked to the Adecco Group.
Elena Baena

Elena Baena: Reinvent or die

With over 20 years of experience in the world of Human Resources, where she has spent her entire career practicing various senior positions in multinationals (Ayesa, Adecco Group) and the public companies (Canal Sur). She is still linked to the audiovisual world as Director of Strategy and Communication at the production company Andalucía Digital Multimedia. In the past she has led several projects in various sectors. The last one was about gastronomy, where she has merged her technical experience with her passion for cooking. Dare yourself to merge, create, discover. Evolve. Discover the basics of molecular cuisine for amateurs, from a restless, surprising and accessible perspective.
Javier Cacho

Javier Cacho Gómez: The leader

Scientist, writer and broadcaster. His scientific work was developed first in the National Commission for Space Research, and later at the National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA). For several years he collaborated with the Commission of Science and Technology. His association with Antarctica began with his participation in the first Spanish scientific expedition to Antarctica in 1986. He has been in Antarctica on 6 occasions, the first three for research related to the ozone hole and the last three as chief of the Spanish Antarctic Base Juan Carlos I. He has also participated in several research cruises in the Arctic. For several years he was Secretary of the National Committee on Antarctic Research. He developed an intense outreach over Antarctica and ecology for different groups. He has written several books, some translated into other languages. The last one, " Amundsen -Scott . Duel in Antarctica ", published two years ago, has edited four editions and has been edited in Bulgaria. He has just published "Shackleton, the indomitable. The explorer who never reached the South Pole" which details the life of this legendary explorer. He is currently responsible for promotional activities of scientific and technological culture at INTA.
Clemente Cebrián

Clemente Cebrián: The secret of international expansión

He is one of the leading entrepreneurs of our country, co-founder with his brother Alvaro of the clothing and footwear brand ’El Ganso’. During 2013, El Ganso billed 38 million and right now they are expanding internationally. They are present in Germany, Holland, Italy, France, UK, Portugal, Chile and Mexico. The idea came from one of his summer trips to London to study English, which he combined with his studies of Business Administration throughout the year. It was then when the idea of creating a brand that offered different clothing came upon. For him, "the story of an entrepreneur is one of effort, but also sleepless nights and asking yourself how you will be able to do it."
Dani García

Dani García: Creativity or death, a Chefs word

At the age of eighteen he joined the Catering School of Malaga "La Consula". For the first three years he learned the basics of national gastronomy. His idea of cooking changed in 1996 when he began as apprentice in the restaurant of the Basque chef Martin Berasategui. After this he went on to join the kitchen staff in various restaurants in Malaga. In 1998 he inaugurated his first restaurant "El tragabuches" in Ronda which in 2000 was awarded a Michelin star. In 2005 he opened the restaurant "Calima", which was awarded its first Michelin start in 2007 and the second in 2011. Showing signs of an innate business acumen, in 2010 he created a successful line of franchise restaurants denominated Lamoraga. He also leads BiBo Andalusian Tapas & Brasserie, the new concept of Dani García.
Iñigo Juantegui

Iñigo Juantegui: ¿Hang the tie and go for an innovative business?

COO of laneveraroja.com, an Internet company dedicated to mediate between restaurants and Internet users of take away food that has become a success. With a turnover of 15 million euros per year, with 19 people on staff they have already closed two acquisitions of competitors in recent months. La Nevera Roja was founded in 2011 by José del Barrio and Iñigo Juantegui, while they were consultants in the area of Transaction Services and Strategy in PwC. They took the risk of "hanging their tie" to create an innovative business. Both summed over 8 years of experience performing strategy projects for major companies in Spain and they have been working together for over 6 years.
Rafael Mira

Rafael Mira: De la multinacional al garaje

Economista (ICADE), MBA por Northwestern University y ha trabajado en Coca-Cola, McDonalds, McKinsey & Company y en el Banco Santander. Desde hace una década es empresario y ha colaborado en la creación de numerosas empresas relacionadas con las nuevas tecnologías. Ha pasado tiempo en las misiones del Perú y es colaborador asiduo de Caritas. Rafael es el CEO de Dontknow, la red social que te ayuda a tomar las decisiones importantes de tu vida.
Javier Sirvent

Javier Sirvent: The future businesse, science fiction #BusinessOfSciFi

Technical and Research Technologist in new services and applications with over 15 years experience in the area of ​​Wireless Devices. Author of industrial patents, founder of companies and departments in constant contact with innovation, marketing, customers and investors. Currently investigating with different EEG systems to objectively quantify the Customer experiencie, share real emotions in social networks, create new biometric security products, and introduce new devices that translate the educational model. The goal is to reach new generations through technology educating them to the unknown, to teach and train them to think. Scientists and researchers have been working together for years in the film industry, designing impossible objects that made us dream of the possibility of going to school on McFly's flying scooter in Back to the Future. The visual factory helped many entrepreneurs to spark their creativity to technologically revolutionize our lives. Many of these items are already with us and each time take less time to enter the market. What we saw are no longer cinematic tricks they are now new business opportunities.
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