PAST EVENT |  APRIL 26th & 27th | MADRID

21 minutes can change the way you see the world

InventARTE is a half-day event organized by El Ser Creativo. An event of positive ideas.
For two sessions, over 2000 attendees enjoyed InventARTE  with optimism, with movie stories, with real heroes ... a unique opportunity to discover new possibilities for personal and professional success, promote your talents and transform difficulties and changes into opportunities.

APRIL 26th & 27th 2013

• Toni Garrido: Presenter and moderator
• María de Villota: Formulas to be optimistic
• Carlos Jean y Roberto Carreras: Internet if full of talent
• Electric Nana: Live performance
• Santiago Zannou: A movie life
• Eduard Punset: Are we unique in the universe?
• Pablo Iraburu y Migueltxo Molina: directors of the documentary film Pura Vida / The Ridge
• Screening of the documentary film Pura Vida / The Ridge

Toni Garrido

Toni Garrido: Presenter and moderator

His enthusiasm for the radio began when he was very small: at the age of 14 he undertook a radio course and at 18 started to work in this field, his first programme being "A cara descubierta" (Radio Mallorca). In 1993 he moved to Madrid where he continued his professional life in Cadena SER. From 1997 onwards he started to combine radio and television. Since then he has been seen as presenter and collaborator in various programmes, among them Buenos Dias (Telecinco), Por la escuadra (Antena 3), Alcala Club (Telemadrid), Caiga Quien Caiga (Telecinco and La Sexta), La Nube (TVE) and Mas vale tarde (La Sexta). In 2006 he presented and directed the programmes Gran Via and Hoy por Hoy Madrid, both for Cadena SER. Between 2007 and 2012 he conducted and directed the programme Asuntos Propios on National Radio de España. In 2012, after his time in RNE, Garrido returned to the radio as producer of the programme YU no te pierdas nada, on 40 Principales, and presented by Dani Mateo.
María de Villota

María de Villota: Formulas to be optimistic

First Spanish women in the F1. First women to compete in the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC), in the Superleague Formula and in obtain the Pole Position in the Ferrari Challenge championship in 2006. Furthermore, she participated in the Formula 3000, in the 24 hour Daytona in 2005 and in the ADAC Procar German touring car championship. On 3 July 2012 she had a serious accident at Duxford aerodrome (Cambridgeshire, UK) where she lost her right eye. Released from hospital at the end of July, she underwent more operations "aimed at eye and cranial reconstruction". Always smiling, de Villota currently works with the Ana Carolina Diez Mahou Foundation, which helps people who suffer mitochondrial neuromuscular disorders. She is also a member of the Pilot Commission of the International Automobile Federation (initials in French FIA), Ambassador of Women in Motorsport Commission of the FIA and member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Royal Automobile Federation.
Iraburu & Molina

Pablo Iraburu y Migueltxo Molina: The Ridge

Directors of the documentary film Pura Vida / The Ridge. They recount the details of the heroic mission to rescue the Iñaki Ochoa de Olza the Navarrese mountaineer. Iñaki Ochoa died in Annapurna, in the Himalayas, in May 2008. "Pura Vida" is a detailed reconstruction of the rescue operation involving some of the best mountaineers in the world that tried to save his life. As a finishing touch to INVENTARTE the film will be shown with unpublished images taken by Iñaki Ochoa himself and an audiovisual file of these days filmed by the rescuers. In addition, it includes excerpts from the climbers who travelled to Annapurna to cooperate in the operation. D
El Langui

Juan Manuel Montilla: Don't tell me I Can't do it

Conocido como El Langui es un MC y actor miembro del grupo La Excepción. El Langui padece parálisis cerebral, enfermedad causada por la falta de oxígeno durante el parto. En 2007 realizó su debut en el cine, en la película El truco del manco por la que consiguió el Premio Goya al mejor actor revelación así cómo el Premio Goya a la mejor canción. También es autor de un podcast llamado Radio Taraská. Actualmente colabora en el programa de "Levantate y Cardenas" por las mañanas y por las madrugadas en el programa "La noche es nuestra" en la radio EuropaFM del grupo OndaCero. En lo relativo a su vida personal está casado y tiene dos hijos.4 El Langui padece parálisis cerebral, enfermedad causada por la falta de oxígeno durante el parto.
Electric Nana

Electric Nana: Live performance

Singer who mixes pop with electronics eighties British creating a unique and personal style. Composer of her own songs, creates a fresh and original style of music. Her passion for music make her a limitless artist. Able to focus on different types of mussic and different languages. Known for being an artist born in the 2.0 world, which uses social media to connect with your audience, publish your new songs and share their experiences in a very spontaneous way. Was the first artist to join the Plan B project composing alongside with Carlos Jean songs like "Lead the Way", which was number 1 in sales on iTunes and major country radio stations. On 2012 Electric Nana turns one year since she began her solo career bringing her style of music to a more personal level at her new company: MUWOM.
Eduard Punset

Eduard Punset: Are we unique in the universe?

Spanish lawyer, economist and scientific writer author of various books on science and collaborator in various communication media. Since 1996 has directed the TV programme Redes (Networks) which deals with various scientific issues such as sociology, medicine, biology and astronomy, among others. Has been a speaker at previous editions (2010 and 2011) of the "Brilliant Minds Conference".
Carreras & Jean

Carlos Jean y Roberto Carreras: Internet if full of talent

Carlos Jean and Roberto Carreras has revolutionised the world of music distribution and creation in the 21st century. Founders of Novaemusik, where they promote the collaboration of different people in the world of music, Internet, communication, marketing and audiovisuals. Roberto Carreras is one of the greatest experts in new technologies, online marketing and innovation, recognised as one of the 25 most influential people on Internet in Spain. Carlos Jean is an entrepreneur who has researched new forms of artistic distribution and creation, creator of projects such as El plan B or Coca-Cola "Music Experience" which has made him a key element in understanding the past, present and future of music in Spain.
Santiago Zannou

Santiago Zannou: A movie life

Spanish film director. His vocation to films started, as he says , when his older brother, record producer, worked on the sound-track of a short film. At the time, he read the letter of some children who had smuggled into Belgium travelling in the undercarriage of a truck, and with it discovered his vocation to tell stories. After meeting Juan Manuel Montilla, El Langui, a rapper and member of the group La Excepcion, on a journey to Madrid he decided to write the story that was later to become his first feature film, El Truco del Manco (2008) for which he won a Goya for the best new director in the 23rd edition of the Goya Awards. Previously he had written and directed two short films, "Cara sucia" (2004) for which he was a candidate for the best short fiction film in the Goya Awards, and "Mercancias" (2005). On his last movie, "Alacran enamor ado", started Carlos and Javier Bardem.
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